BlackCurve New Release - Tower Bridge

By Philip Huthwaite on April 19, 2017

It's 19th April 2017, and that means, after being supported with lots of chocolate eggs over the Easter period, we can finally share the following updates and enhancements with BlackCurve users:

BBNF010 Quantity Bands - the ability to set prices at all levels based on the quantity of goods or services purchased.

BBNF011 Dynamic Pricing - the following rules have been added to the dyanmic pricing engine:

  • Mininum Margin, Desired Margin, Maximum Margin by % or value.
  • Cost Uplift  by % or value.
  • Competitor Positioning.



It’s a common misconception that Tower Bridge is also called London Bridge. London Bridge is further down the river and is much more utilitarian.


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