Announcing the BlackCurve Pricing Health Assessment

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on June 20, 2018
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Pricing Health Assessment

Today we are announcing the BlackCurve Pricing Health Assessment giving you the opportunity to achieve dramatic savings and fuel revenue growth for your company.

Bringing cutting-edge data science, into a standalone dynamic online report that will help you answer three fundamental pricing questions:

  • How is my pricing strategy currently performing?
  • What are my competitors' pricing strategies?
  • What opportunity do I have to improve my pricing?

Price Recommendations



  • How often am I changing prices?
  • Is there a common pattern of pricing changes that are easy for my competitors to predict?
  • What % of my product portfolio is being changed each month?
  • Do I always change prices for the same products?
  • Do I typically make price increases or price decreases when I am changing prices?
  • Where have I reduced the price in the past and received no uplift in sales?
  • How often am I changing my low, mid and top priced products?
  • Do I currently optimise pricing for the right products?


Price Mohican



  • How reliant is my pricing strategy on competitor data?
  • How many competitors do I actually have?
  • Which competitors have the most impact on my inventory?
  • How competitive is my sector on price?
  • How does my pricing strategy compare to my competitors?
  • Do I set pricing for the market, or follow pricing from my competitors?
  • How often are my competitors changing prices?
  • What is the price difference from my competitors?
  • Am I more or less expensive on average than my competitors?
  • How much is the pricing difference from my competitors costing me?
  • Can I identify patterns in competitor pricing and predict their behaviour for my financial gain?


Competitor Price Impact Assessment


  • Can I gain an advantage by changing the frequency of my pricing changes?
  • What additional data sets can I use to identify my pricing sweet spot?
  • What product pricing should I be worried about?
  • What is the opportunity to flex price at product or attribute level?
  • How price elastic are my products?
  • What opportunities do I have to increase price and maintain the current sales volume?
  • What pricing suggestions should I implement now?
  • How can I manage my pricing optimisation on an ongoing basis?


Profit and Revenue


Don't Miss Out on Dramatic Cost-Savings

Ultimately, the BlackCurve Pricing Health Assessment highlights gaps in your pricing strategy and provide specific pricing recommendations for your products.

More importantly, it will allow you to implement pricing strategies that grow your profits.

Don't miss out on dramatic cost savings for your business. Take a Pricing Health Assessment today!

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