The New Pricing Guide for Manufacturers is Here!

By Emmanuel Aremu / November 14, 2016
Our in-house researcher, Moira McCormick, has been working hard at producing the latest guide 'Pricing Guide for Manufacturers'. It is now available to download....
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Use These Pricing Strategies to Grow Your Manufacturing Company

By Philip Huthwaite / November 10, 2016
Manufacturers face their own unique pricing challenges with ever-changing products and demand. It's a real conundrum to accurately estimate a fair market value for manufactured products whilst at the same time managing to ...
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Topics: Pricing, Manufacturing, Pricing Strategies

What Are the Most Popular Pricing Strategies by Industry Sector?

By Moira McCormick / April 28, 2016
  Pricing is one of the four elements of the marketing mix, along with product, place and promotion. An effective pricing strategy is vital for companies who wish to achieve success by finding the price point where they can ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Pricing, B2B, Retail, Dynamic Pricing, Manufacturing, B2C, Cost Plus

The State of British Manufacturing

By Moira McCormick / March 25, 2016
Bet you thought that manufacturing in the UK was in the doldrums, at least in comparison with our glorious past? Well, think again. Nobody is denying that there have been some very tough times and the current situation with ...
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8 Effective Pricing Strategies for Manufacturers

By Moira McCormick / March 9, 2016
Manufacturers face their own unique pricing challenges: ever-changing products and the challenge of accurately estimating a fair market price/value for those products....
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Topics: Pricing Strategy, B2B, Manufacturing

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