E031 eCommerce Matters - UNLOCK: Improve CPA with Pricing

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on February 10, 2022


We’re back! Much like the band One Direction, we went on a little hiatus! Although rather than releasing solo albums and sunning ourselves, we have been working at making our technology effortless to adopt.

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Topics: UK Retailers, Ecommerce Company, competitor-led retail pricing strategies, Marketing Strategy

How to Compete Against Amazon with Optimised Marketing & Pricing Strategies

Posted by Nick Witts on September 28, 2020

Amazon’s 2020 has been strong with accelerated growth during lockdown.  When online spending rose, 1 in 3 online sales in the UK was attributed to them.  Now,  with the expansion of their services to include grocery delivery, their growth has continued.

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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Amazon, Marketing Strategy, Holiday Season

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