To Price Test or Not – We've Got Answers For You

By Moira McCormick / December 13, 2017
For each of your products there is always a pricing sweet spot that maximises profit (not necessarily conversion rates).  Unfortunately, without testing, it’s very difficult to determine how to optimally price your products ...
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Best Pricing Conferences to Attend in 2018

By Emmanuel Aremu / December 6, 2017
It is that time of year, when we think about winding down and pricing conferences we would like to attend. So buckle up, here are a few pricing conferences you can attend in 2018....
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Price Discrimination is More Common than You Think

By Moira McCormick / November 29, 2017
Across many industries, companies now offer access to virtually identical services and products under different pricing structures. Price discrimination has been most successfully implemented in services as diverse as ...
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Topics: Price Discrimination

Competitor Price Tracking: How to Spy on The Competition

By Emmanuel Aremu / November 22, 2017
In the past, retailers relied on personal experience, manual tracking and pure gut reactions to optimise their assortment and pricing relative to their competitors but this manual approach is no longer practical or feasible ...
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Topics: Competitor Price Tracking

7 Out of the Ordinary Ecommerce Pricing Strategies

By Moira McCormick / November 15, 2017
Most ecommerce retailers use cost-plus or value-based pricing strategies. These usually work satisfactorily but there are other effective ways to price your products that you may not yet have considered. ...
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Topics: Ecommerce Pricing Strategies

Proven Pricing Strategies that Drive Conversions

By Moira McCormick / November 8, 2017
"Companies that have well-defined pricing strategies are 40% more likely to realise their monetising potential than firms that don't have them " says Madhavan Ramanujam and Georg Tacke in "Monetizing Innovation: How Smart ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategies, Conversions

Pricing Experiments You Can Use to Beat the Competition

By Moira McCormick / November 2, 2017
  I'm guessing you want your business to be more profitable so perhaps you should look hard at how you price your products or services – and how those prices are perceived by your customers. ...
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Topics: Pricing Experiments

How to Use Pricing to Improve Customer Retention

By Moira McCormick / October 31, 2017
Setting your prices right and retaining customers can be hard.  However, get your pricing strategy right and you’ll be able to see both improved customer retention and increased revenue....
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Topics: Retention, Customer

4 Pricing Ideas to Kickstart Your Sales

By Moira McCormick / October 24, 2017
Sales are fundamental to a company's success. Unfortunately, many companies do not consider the possibility of using pricing to accelerate their sales and win more customers. Below are a few pricing ideas you can use to ...
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Topics: Sales

How to Build a Pricing Team of The Future

By Moira McCormick / October 19, 2017
More and more companies are building pricing teams. These pricing teams effectively act as internal pricing consultants and are the "go-to" guys on how to apply pricing concepts - they understand both the pricing systems ...
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