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Why aren’t you automating changing your prices?

Posted by Rob Horton on September 13, 2022

Ever get frustrated that a competitor has changed their prices just after you changed yours? Do they always seem to be able to react instantaneously to any change you make? If so it’s likely that they’re using some form of price automation. If you’re changing prices manually, price automation can be incredibly irritating to go up against. It can feel like anything you do is immediately countered by your competitors.

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Topics: Pricing Automation

Why Competitor Pricing Doesn't Have to be a Race to The Bottom

Posted by Rob Horton on July 28, 2020

How do you price a product? You look at the margin you want to make. Look at what your competitors are charging.

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Topics: Competitor Pricing, Ecommerce Pricing

Pricing In a Supply Driven Economy

Posted by Rob Horton on May 19, 2020


It shouldn’t be a surprise that ecommerce has changed dramatically in the last few months. Lockdown has significantly altered consumer behaviour as we’ve been forced to adjust our lives.

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Topics: Pricing, Supply Driven Economy, Supply

How to Do Competitor Analysis in a Competitive Market

Posted by Rob Horton on March 16, 2020

how to do a competitor analysis in a competitive market? 

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Topics: Competition, Competitor Price Tracking

The Perils of Competitor Price Tracking

Posted by Rob Horton on July 18, 2018


At BlackCurve, we define competitor tracking as any strategy that involves monitoring competitor data and adjusting your own prices accordingly. This is often as simple as finding the lowest competing product and undercutting the price .

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Topics: Competitor Price Tracking

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