4 Pricing Ideas to Kickstart Your Sales

By Moira McCormick / October 24, 2017
Sales are fundamental to a company's success. Unfortunately, many companies do not consider the possibility of using pricing to accelerate their sales and win more customers. Below are a few pricing ideas you can use to ...
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6 Pricing Psychological Triggers That Win Sales

By Moira McCormick / October 3, 2017
The price of your product represents the size of a risk someone is going to take by buying....
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Pricing Drives Sales

By Moira McCormick / June 7, 2017
The one thing that is going to stop your customer's in their tracks is price, whether that price is ridiculously low or flying high amongst the clouds.  Or, on the other hand, it could be that your prices seem fair to them, ...
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10 Steps to Selling Value

By Philip Huthwaite / May 24, 2016
Selling on value, not price, involves a fine balance of confidence, personal rapport, and doing your homework. It's undoubtedly become more difficult as technology gives consumers greater access to price information and ...
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The 3 types of buyers - and how to deal with them

By Moira McCormick / May 16, 2016
Introduction It's pretty obvious that the great British public spend their money in different ways - some people will throw their money around without a care and others save their money like Scrooge. The majority of us come ...
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22 Pricing Questions that will uncover any prospect's budget

By Moira McCormick / December 4, 2015
  You'd like to ask your customer straight out - how much money have you got to spend? It's not perhaps the most tactful or advisable question and the answer is one that the customer would be pretty foolish to reveal. They ...
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30 Common Sales Objections and How to Handle Them

By Moira McCormick / November 6, 2015
You're a good salesperson and you naturally spend a lot of time thinking about why prospects would decide to buy your product as opposed to your competitor's. What you really need to do is put yourself in your buyer's shoes ...
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