4 secrets for unleashing the power of your value

Posted by Moira McCormick on April 21, 2015
Moira McCormick

1. Choose your prospects with care

You’re always going to find buyers who are purely hung up on price, but if you can identify a marketplace or customer segment that is known for being innovative and early product adopters, then this is where you should focus your efforts especially if you’re new or upcoming business.

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2. Highlight your experience

You have the sales meeting booked, which is great news, now comes the real work! You should be prepared to lead your potential client or customer through the history of your company, alongside key case studies about why they purchased your services, and success stories. This will build confidence in what your offering, and starts to highlight your value even if you don’t know it!


3. Confidence is King

When you're highlighting the value of a product over cheaper competitors, you shouldn't disregard the competitor or bad mouth them, as for your potential customer it is still a viable option. It is the time to focus on the advantages you bring to the market instead e.g. better market knowledge, a more established business, better customer service. And doing this with confidence almost moves the talk away from price immediately. For a simple look at this, I often ask people what takeaway Pizza would they normally order? I get a range of options, but increasingly Pizza Express is answered because they prefer the taste. There are lots of cheaper alternatives out there, but they are disregarded, as in this example taste is valued over price.


4. Emphasize Your Customer Service

The toughest job selling value to customers is getting them to picture the full depth and breadth of everything your company has to offer, and comparing lifeless products against each other can become tiresome. Humans are sociable creatures at their core; therefore we like to know that if we need support, then it will be there to answer our call.

Good customer service, typically leads to better customer testimonials or more willingness to provide them. This will go back into the value loop of providing further ammunition for your value selling approach.


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