Getting Pricing Right for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Part Five)

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on October 16, 2023

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) approach, businesses are preparing for one of the most significant shopping events of the year. In the previous parts of our ten-part series, we've explored the tools required for pricing success, the importance of getting your market position stable and correct before heading into BFCM, how to improve Google Shopping visibility, and the metrics guiding your competitor-led pricing decisions. Now, in Part 5, we're about to dive into an approach that uses your competitor price position to optimise your Google Ads Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) during BFCM. With Adwisely reporting a 2x-5x spike in CPA during this promotion period, anything you can do to make your money work harder will mitigate against the spike, and ensure you come out on top, and spend where it will make the greatest benefit to your business.

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