How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on October 30, 2023

Do you know your customers? You might think that you know your ideal consumer base, but stats show that many sellers lack the tools and insights to truly understand them. And missing out on key customer insights can lead to missed sales opportunities.

The best way to get to know your customers is to create and utilise a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer – a stylised image of who they are, what motivates them, and how they think.

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Topics: Persona, Buyers

Price Wars - Don't Strike Back

Posted by Moira McCormick on September 28, 2016

Your competitors may all be falling over one another to get a piece of the market - and discounting heavily to make sure they win their share of that market. However, you are really not compelled to join in; better in this instance to stay neutral in the conflict and let the others fight it out.

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Topics: Price War, Value-based Pricing, Buyers

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