People of Pricing, Nikos Panagiotakos

By Lara McLeod / August 15, 2018
Nikos Panagiotakos, Senior Pricing Analyst for Fintech company, WorldRemit, has a true passion for pricing. This has translated in his success and the expertise he has picked up during his time working within the sector. ...
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People of Pricing, Rehan Mogul

By Lara McLeod / August 8, 2018
Rehan Mogul, father of two and a self-confessed adventurous chef, has a decade of pricing experience. He currently works as the Pricing Manager for Wolseley, using his expertise to watch over their pricing strategies. ...
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Lara McLeod's Internship Log: Week Four

By Lara McLeod / August 2, 2018
Week Four has been a positive, and challenging, week. My main focus this week has been People of Pricing. ...
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People of Pricing, Millie Allen

By Lara McLeod / August 1, 2018
  Millie Allen, Pricing Director at Nupharm, took an unconventional route to pricing. She tried a range of creative pursuits, training as a Make Up Artist, learning the guitar, and even trying her hand at stand-up comedy. ...
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Introducing You to... People of Pricing

By Lara McLeod / July 25, 2018
Today, we are launching People of Pricing, a new project which takes an in-depth look at the people within the pricing sector....
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People of Pricing, Nigel Bourke

By Lara McLeod / July 25, 2018
Nigel Bourke, Director of Strategic Pricing at Hogg Robinson Travel, began his pricing career in the military within the MoD. Nigel's fast paced pricing mind is coupled with his pursuits beyond the office, with him being a ...
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