Want to Implement Smarter Pricing? Here are 5 Strategies You Can Use Right Now

By Philip Huthwaite / October 27, 2016
Pricing has moved with the times. Pricing professionals now have to dig deeper into buyers' thought processes to understand what will persuade them to make a purchase. We all continue to enjoy acquiring new stuff but we've ...
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Topics: Pricing, Smart Pricing

You Can’t Compete Without Smart Pricing

By Moira McCormick / October 3, 2016
It's "Smart" everything these days – so why not Smart Pricing?! Pricing has had to move with the times – Smartphones and tablets have forced pricing professionals to move on from ancient pricing models. They have had to dig ...
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Topics: Smart Pricing, Pricing Ideas

8 Reasons Why You Need Price List Software

By Philip Huthwaite / September 22, 2016
It's really not rocket science – in order to maximise your profits and stay ahead of the competition you know you have to price at the optimum level. In order to achieve this, what your business needs is an accurate price ...
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5 Signs You're Smarter at Pricing Than You Think

By Moira McCormick / September 6, 2016
Do you have any nagging doubts that you might not be getting quite the optimum price for your products or services?  Are you confident you always utilise your skills, expertise and know-how to squeeze out those extra profits ...
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Topics: Pricing, Dynamic Pricing, Smart Pricing, Psychological Pricing, Value-based Pricing, Product Oriented Pricing, Penetration Pricing

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