Why aren’t you automating changing your prices?

Posted by Rob Horton on September 13, 2022

Ever get frustrated that a competitor has changed their prices just after you changed yours? Do they always seem to be able to react instantaneously to any change you make? If so it’s likely that they’re using some form of price automation. If you’re changing prices manually, price automation can be incredibly irritating to go up against. It can feel like anything you do is immediately countered by your competitors.

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Topics: Pricing Automation

Why I Started BlackCurve

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on May 18, 2020


Ever wanted to know the back story to BlackCurve, and why it was founded?

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Topics: Dynamic Pricing Software, Pricing Automation, Ecommerce Pricing

The Automation of Pricing

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on November 1, 2018


In our latest pricing video, Philip Huthwaite shares why pricing automation is becoming more common in businesses, what tools to use and how companies can automate their pricing operations.

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Topics: Automation, Pricing Automation

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