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Best Pricing Conferences to Attend in 2018

By Emmanuel Aremu / December 6, 2017
It is that time of year, when we think about winding down and pricing conferences we would like to attend. So buckle up, here are a few pricing conferences you can attend in 2018....
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Topics: Events, Pricing Conferences

Competitor Price Tracking: How to Spy on The Competition

By Emmanuel Aremu / November 22, 2017
In the past, retailers relied on personal experience, manual tracking and pure gut reactions to optimise their assortment and pricing relative to their competitors but this manual approach is no longer practical or feasible ...
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Topics: Competitor Price Tracking

Customer Spotlight - Electrical World

By Emmanuel Aremu / October 11, 2017
  Electrical World, a Northern Ireland based company started from humble beginnings and has quickly risen to be a leading independent electrical appliance retailer of CCTV, heaters, fans, lighting, lamps and wiring ...
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Topics: Customers

Welcoming Chris Anson to BlackCurve

By Emmanuel Aremu / April 11, 2017
As BlackCurve continues to progress, we look to add exceptional people to contribute towards our mission - helping companies optimise their prices and grow profits. Today we're welcoming Chris Anson as our new team member....
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Topics: BlackCurve, Team

CPQ Outlook 2017

By Emmanuel Aremu / February 16, 2017
  This blog was first published by Frank Sohn of Novus CPQ. This time of year provides a good opportunity to take a moment and think about where the CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) and Quote-to-Cash market is and where it may go ...
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Topics: CPQ, CPQ Solutions

How to Fine-Tune Your Pricing - Podcast Transcript

By Emmanuel Aremu / February 9, 2017
The following is a transcript from a Professional Pricing Society Podcast, recorded on Thursday 5th January 2017 and published at https://pricingsociety.com/pricing-podcast-philip-huthwaite/ on Thursday 12th January 2017....
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Topics: Pricing, Podcast

The Importance of Price Optimisation - #PricingChat

By Emmanuel Aremu / January 20, 2017
On Wednesday, Philip Huthwaite BlackCurve CEO and Co-Founder, participated in a Twitter chat to discuss the "Importance of Price Optimisation" with members of the pricing community....
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Topics: Price Optimisation, Pricing Trends

Your 3 Step Guide to CPQ is Here!

By Emmanuel Aremu / November 18, 2016
Ever wondered what Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is? Have you thought about using CPQ but don't know how to implement it? Due to popular demand, the very best BlackCurve CPQ blog posts were expanded with additional strategies ...
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Topics: CPQ, Configure Price Quote, Price Quote

The Ecommerce Pricing Guide is Here!

By Emmanuel Aremu / November 15, 2016
Hot off the press is our latest guide for online retailers entitled: 'The Ecommerce Pricing Guide'. You can download it here....
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Topics: Pricing Strategies, Ecommerce, Online Retail, Pricing Guide

The New Pricing Guide for Manufacturers is Here!

By Emmanuel Aremu / November 14, 2016
Our in-house researcher, Moira McCormick, has been working hard at producing the latest guide 'Pricing Guide for Manufacturers'. It is now available to download....
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Topics: Manufacturing, Pricing Guide

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