How to Build A World Beating Pricing Team

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on June 13, 2018
Emmanuel Aremu
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How to Build A World Beating Pricing Team

You can't expect your pricing operation to manage itself. You need a well-equipped team to deliver results.

 When it comes to pricing, the most successful companies we see have more than one person responsible for pricing activities.

Putting together a team filled with pricing experts is achievable when you start to think about:

  • Crafting a team that has the right mix of experts and those with new and exciting pricing ideas. 
  • Give your pricing team the right tools for the job.
  • Encourage pricing curiosity by getting your team to share their insights internally and externally at pricing community events.

Yes, team building is challenging but the business benefits of building a great pricing team are immense.



Ultimately, pricing leadership has to come from the top.

Business leaders need to embed a culture of pricing excellence which creates an environment for pricing teams to excel.

In this video, Philip Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of BlackCurve, takes a look at how you can build and nurture a pricing team filled with high-achievers. 

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