All About The ABCs: Always Be Changing Your Pricing

By Moira McCormick / March 14, 2018
If you are not constantly reviewing and updating your prices you could be missing out. Technology now allows businesses to change prices frequently, minute-by-minute if required.  Amazon and Expedia update their prices ...
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Is This The Golden Age of Pricing?

By Moira McCormick / March 8, 2018
Pricing doesn't always need to be logical but it does need to work because it has a huge impact on a business's bottom line.   Raising or lowering prices can be the quickest way to either sell more products or to earn more ...
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Grab Your Passport - Here are the Latest Travel Industry Pricing Trends

By Moira McCormick / February 22, 2018
A revolution has happened recently in the travel world and it started when A.I (artificial intelligence) slowly began to infiltrate the industry – and things are continuing to change at a heady pace....
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Pricing Shouldn't Hurt You, Here's How To Ease The Pain

By Moira McCormick / February 7, 2018
Our shopping culture has certainly changed in the last decade and practically everyone in retail seems to be slashing their prices constantly.  Discounts are all around us, and, as consumers, we’ve started to be conditioned ...
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How Upstart Companies can Use Pricing to Beat the Competition

By Moira McCormick / October 12, 2017
According to Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric (GE) “if you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete”. In a nutshell, he meant don't bother getting into the fray if you don't intend to win!...
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Pricing Experiments for Ecommerce Companies

By Moira McCormick / August 31, 2017
The job of getting our pricing right never seems to get any easier. Just how do you figure out what Mr X and Ms Y will pay for your products? And, even if you think you've got the price right, how can you improve take-up?  ...
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Is Low Pricing Losing You Money?

By Moira McCormick / August 1, 2017
When you first launched your business you were probably nervous about price setting and didn't want to scare potential customers away by pricing too highly.  It was probably easier (and you felt safer) to price low – your ...
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How to Secure Your Prices

By Moira McCormick / June 13, 2017
Pricing your products and ensuring you have built in sufficient margins to sustain your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. ...
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Pricing Drives Sales

By Moira McCormick / June 7, 2017
The one thing that is going to stop your customer's in their tracks is price, whether that price is ridiculously low or flying high amongst the clouds.  Or, on the other hand, it could be that your prices seem fair to them, ...
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The Mysteries of Fixing a Price

By Moira McCormick / March 15, 2017
How much should you pay for an item – any item?  If you asked the majority of consumers they would say that a fair price would cover the cost of manufacture plus a little extra for profit. ...
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