The New Pairing: Hospitality and Dynamic Pricing

Posted by Lara McLeod on June 13, 2023


With dynamic pricing infiltrating so many aspects of our lives, it is less surprising each time a new industry joins the bandwagon.

Given the popularity of dynamic pricing in travel costs (read more with Pricing Strategies for Tour Operators and Online Travel Agents), it is not a shock that hospitality as a whole appears to be looking at stirring up how they price their businesses.

This is true of hotels and also restaurants, the newest thread of hospitality to join in with dynamic pricing in a bid to increase profits and sustainability.

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Drowning in Pricing Data? Dynamic Pricing Could be Your Solution

Posted by Moira McCormick on June 13, 2023

In his article "How to Implement Dynamic Pricing without Sacrificing Margins or Customers”, Arie Shpanya confirms what we probably already knew, that Amazon is still the reigning champion of dynamic pricing. 

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5 Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Retail

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on June 5, 2023

What is Dynamic Pricing and Why Should You Use It?

eCommerce sellers are always on the hunt for the best methods to increase their profit margins. One of the most effective tools they can use is dynamic pricing, or dynamically adjusting prices based on market demand.

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British Startup BlackCurve, receives £1m of new funding in an over-subscribed round

Posted by Felicity Simpson on January 19, 2021

BlackCurve, the pricing optimisation company, has announced the closing of a £1m funding round, led by their Chairman, Martin Fincham, with participation from Nauta Capital, The Cambridge Angels Network and other prominent Angels, members of The ScaleUp Group and then bolstered by a matching contribution from the UK Government’s Future Fund.

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Why I Started BlackCurve

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on May 18, 2020


Ever wanted to know the back story to BlackCurve, and why it was founded?

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Strategy + Psychology = Perfect Pricing

Posted by Lara McLeod on August 20, 2018

Dynamic pricing strategy is incredibly important when it comes to pricing your products. It allows real time pricing, whilst factoring in a wide range of different elements that could impact the price of your product.  

However, while pricing software becomes increasingly sophisticated and advanced, there are still certain pricing tricks that speak to our inherent value-minded brains.   

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How To Be Savvy and In Control When Raising Prices

Posted by Moira McCormick on August 1, 2018

Price is dependent on the state of the market, what the competition is up to - and how good your product or service is. It’s always difficult deciding how much to charge, especially if you are looking to increase prices.  

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Heads Up, Dynamic Pricing Software is Changing Ecommerce

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on July 5, 2018


Change in the eCommerce sector has arrived - and it’s dynamic pricing software!

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