6 Pricing Psychological Triggers That Win Sales

By Moira McCormick / October 3, 2017
The price of your product represents the size of a risk someone is going to take by buying....
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Topics: Sales, Psychological Pricing

The Power of Psychological Pricing

By Moira McCormick / July 13, 2017
We are all in business to solve problems, add value and make a profit and one of the most important tasks involves pricing your product or service. What's a relatively easy way to effectively price your product or service to ...
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Topics: Psychological Pricing

5 Signs You're Smarter at Pricing Than You Think

By Moira McCormick / September 6, 2016
Do you have any nagging doubts that you might not be getting quite the optimum price for your products or services?  Are you confident you always utilise your skills, expertise and know-how to squeeze out those extra profits ...
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Topics: Pricing, Dynamic Pricing, Smart Pricing, Psychological Pricing, Value-based Pricing, Product Oriented Pricing, Penetration Pricing

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