How to Manage Pricing and Gain Profits

By Moira McCormick / December 8, 2016
The fastest and most effective way for a company to realise its maximum profit is to get its pricing right. The right price can boost profits far quicker than increasing sales volume; the wrong price can shrink profits just ...
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Topics: Margin Growth, Price Management, Pricing, Profit Maximization

Forget Cost-Plus Pricing - Sell Value Instead

By Moira McCormick / August 2, 2016
Typically - if you are offering a product that provides more value than the competing alternative, customers will choose your offering. If your offer provides less value than its competing alternative, customers look ...
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Topics: Margin Growth, B2B, B2C, Value, Willingness to Pay, Cost Plus

Major Things to Consider When Changing Your Pricing Strategy

By Moira McCormick / August 1, 2016
What to Consider? Need to change your pricing strategy? That's a pretty big deal and a decision not to be taken lightly. The best way to avoid having a heart attack whilst you ponder this knotty issue is to break down (not ...
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Topics: Margin Growth, Pricing Strategy, Willingness to Pay, Pyschological Pricing

Finding Margin Leaks in Your Sales Processes

By Moira McCormick / June 15, 2016
It's an unfortunate fact of life that almost every business will be leaking profits through their pricing execution. Of course, there are small leaks and then there are the floods – but in most cases management is unaware of ...
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Topics: Margin Growth

15 Margin Improvement Tasks to Kick Start 2016

By Moira McCormick / January 4, 2016
We hope your Christmas was a good one, but now it's back to work for the New Year with (here's hoping) renewed intentions and impetus to improve those margins. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes, "no work, no pain" will ...
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Topics: Margin Growth, Pricing Success, Pricing Software, Price Optimisation

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