7 Ways to Tell if you're Price Competitive

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on August 16, 2022

A competitive pricing strategy is setting your prices using your competitors’ price points as a benchmark. This pricing strategy is used extensively by eCommerce companies selling branded goods that are available to consumers from multiple online shopping stores.

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How to Do Competitor Analysis in a Competitive Market

Posted by Rob Horton on March 16, 2020

how to do a competitor analysis in a competitive market? 

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Why You Should Stop Stressing About Your Competitors' Prices

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on August 15, 2019

Why should you stop stressing about competitor prices? In this post, we will share why only using competitor data to inform your pricing strategy is a red herring that will cause more harm than good to your business; and the key to fully optimising the prices of your products online or in your physical stores, is to use competitor data, as one of many data sources to make pricing decisions.

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The Perils of Competitor Price Tracking

Posted by Rob Horton on July 18, 2018


At BlackCurve, we define competitor tracking as any strategy that involves monitoring competitor data and adjusting your own prices accordingly. This is often as simple as finding the lowest competing product and undercutting the price .

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Competitor Price Tracking: How to Spy on The Competition

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on November 22, 2017

In the past, retailers relied on personal experience, manual tracking and pure gut reactions to optimise their assortment and pricing relative to their competitors but this manual approach is no longer practical or feasible in today's intensely competitive and highly dynamic markets.

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