How to Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors with These Easy Pricing Changes

By Moira McCormick / July 4, 2018
According to Chris Lema in his article How to Announce Pricing Changes (Without Ruining Everything), it's not the price change itself that you should be worried about but how you present it to your customers....
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Losing Customers to Your Competitors? Here’s How to Win Them Back and Keep Them Happy

By Moira McCormick / June 6, 2018
Companies with high churn typically spend vast amounts on marketing to try to replace their defectors. However, as it’s more cost-effective to win back lost customers than to garner new ones perhaps they should be using ...
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Customer Spotlight - Electrical World

By Emmanuel Aremu / October 11, 2017
Electrical World, a Northern Ireland based company started from humble beginnings and has quickly risen to be a leading independent electrical appliance retailer of CCTV, heaters, fans, lighting, lamps and wiring accessories....
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The 3 types of buyers - and how to deal with them

By Moira McCormick / May 16, 2016
Introduction It's pretty obvious that the great British public spend their money in different ways - some people will throw their money around without a care and others save their money like Scrooge. The majority of us come ...
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