How to Use Competitor Pricing Data More Effectively

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on May 15, 2020
Emmanuel Aremu
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In this short video, BlackCurve's Founder and CEO, Philip Huthwaite, gives viewers an insight into how BlackCurve makes competitor pricing decisions. 

Competitor pricing data is a good source of information to identify which products must be priced according to the market (i.e. keep pricing parity with your core competitors), and which products you can detach your pricing decisions from the market price, and sometimes even be more expensive.

We show you how! There is absolutely no point in blindly following competitor prices, as you will be giving away margin unnecessarily. A core principle of why BlackCurve exists, to show retailers how to make smarter, profitable pricing decisions.

If you would like to dig a bit deeper into this topic, check out the blog mentioned in the video here.


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