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Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on May 6, 2020
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Vinh Ton People in Retail

Vinh Ton, Area Manager & Senior Business Analyst at Estée Lauder


Vinh Ton is mathematically minded, having studied the subject right through to University Level. 

For the last seven years, he has worked at Estée Lauder Inc., the destination for high-performance Skincare, Makeup, and more, across various roles.

Outside of work, music is a large part of his life. Vinh sings, plays the guitar, piano, and drums, and even produces his own music.

1. How did you first get into retail, and what attracted you to the sector initially?

In my honest opinion I've always been into fashion, art & basically creative retailers. My first initial thought was: "why am I applying to a job in the Beauty industry?".

Once I did my research, one of passions appeared which was fragrance collecting. Within my current company we sell to retailers across the UK with our Make Up, Skincare & Fragrance products. In other words, what truly attracted me were the products, the image and the history of the company.


2. How has the retail sector changed since you first began your career, and have you had a role in the changes?

The retail sector has definitely changed a lot because it is always trying to follow the trend. The trend changes so drastically that we need to be the first in the know. There is always going to be a new type of product that is better for our skin or our day to day life.

My role is to analyse all trends using our sales system. It gives us an idea of how our competitors are doing which is crucial to the business for it to keep running at full capacity. My role is so important to the business, which gives me the seat at the big table. I can see the changes, I can help to create the change, and also I can be the person who initiates the change.


3. If we bumped into you outside the office, where would we most likely find you?

That is a good question. I am quite a social butterfly, so you'd probably find me out and about in restaurants, bars, doing some sort of sports activity (football & dance), parks, theatres and many other places. I am always trying to find something to do, as I rarely get home early. Either that, or I am spending most of my time with my other half.


4. In light of recent high profile retailers going under, how do you think retailers should be adapting to stay alive?

It is super tough at the moment during the pandemic with a lot high profile retailers going into administration. One of the ways others have been surviving is by cutting costs and negotiating pay cuts or reduced hours with employees.

It is a tough right now, and we must do whatever we can to keep everything running.

We should adapt to this, because at the end of the day the employees matter. Even if your company doesn't go under, it is the employee that is most important. Without them, how will the business run.


5. What excites you about retail?

Retail is like a never ending roller coaster. It is always changing and trying to catch up to current trends, so it never really becomes a boring day.

New launches are super key in retail which also includes advertising for the launch. I love graphic and design, so I try to keep my eyes close to all the projects linked to all launches.

To sum up the above what excites me most is when the brand creates something fresh and new. Which is basically all the time.

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