Lara McLeod's Internship Log: Week Four

Posted by Lara McLeod on August 2, 2018
Lara McLeod

Lara McLeod's Internship Log: Week 4

Week Four has been a positive, and challenging, week. My main focus this week has been People of Pricing. 

After a couple of weeks getting together contacts, information, reaching out to people, and getting some responses back, and designing the landing page for the project, and creating the template of each profile, we were finally ready to launch!

I was feeling excited this week as we crept closer to midweek in which our first featured profile would drop – I picked Nigel Bourke to kick start the project because he has a really interesting and unique background coming from the MoD and military into pricing.

So, this week I started with writing the blog post announcing the launch of People of Pricing, and also drafting an email to be sent on Wednesday. I wanted to create as much attention to the fact that we were launching this week, so also put a few teasers across our social media profiles.

Within a couple of hours of launching, we already started to get responses. The landing page included a sign up form, and within the first couple of days, I have seen that just over every 1 in 8 people visiting the blog are then signing up to be featured themselves!

Not only is it exciting that other people do want to get involved, and I really hope that continues, I have seen the direct impact I have been able to have on the company.

It has also given me the opportunity to have  discussions with really interesting people, who are incredibly knowledgeable and all so friendly and open in discussing their experiences within pricing.

Being able to really run with this project has taught me so much. I didn’t fully appreciate all the background work involved in things like this until I had to undertake them myself.

And, also now the launch has taken place, the nature of the work has changed. Now, I don’t need to commit the majority of my day to it, but instead need to make sure I keep on top of all the communications, a little bit throughout the day.

I have really loved being able to take ownership of this project, and will be watching closely to see where it goes.

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