E027 eCommerce Matters - What is Pricing Power? (And How to Get it)

Posted by Felicity Simpson on January 21, 2021
Felicity Simpson

This week, Philip and Rob discuss Pricing Power. What it is, how to get it, and some examples of brands that really have it. Not something that exists in isolation from the rest of your strategy, pricing power is relevant to your brand, your stock, and most of all, your customers.

See the full blog post for a collection of shorts from this week's episode, including example brands, handy definitions, and a great bit of imagery to make sure you remember the key take-aways!

Hosts: Philip Huthwaite (CEO & Founder of BlackCurve) and Rob Horton (Product Director at BlackCurve).

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Hang on, What is Pricing Power?

How do you define Pricing Power? Philip Huthwaite and Rob Horton explain - providing both the technical, and the practical definitions.


... And, how do you get pricing power?

Philip and Rob discuss two examples of well-established brands with Pricing Power, in two very different ways. 


This Week's props:

This week, both the props come with pricing metaphors, and a bit of danger! They'll certainly help you remember the fundamentals of what Pricing Power is all about, and the part it plays in pricing strategy.


And last but certainly not least: 

The Fisherman of Pricing

Rob is assigned a new nickname, and he might resign over it. He's joking.... we hope....


If you enjoyed this blog post, please remember to check out the rest of the eCommerce Matters podcast series - all documented here on the BlackCurve blog.


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