Who Can Benefit From Better Pricing?

Posted by Felicity Simpson on February 4, 2021
Felicity Simpson

On this week's episode of eCommerce Matters... Who can benefit from better pricing? And the answer is, well, everyone! Thinking about your position in the market, and how you can start to use competitor data to inform your pricing decisions, can transform your sales performance. Philip and Rob discuss some of the different ways all retailers can benefit, and where to start!

See the full blog post for a collection of shorts from this week's episode, including some of the key benefits of keeping a keen eye on your competitors' pricing, and your own pricing strategy to optimise your place in the market.

Hosts: Philip Huthwaite (CEO & Founder of BlackCurve) and Rob Horton (Product Director at BlackCurve).

Listen to the full episode on your favourite podcast platform:


who can benefit from better pricing?

If you're looking for a flavour of this week's episode of eCommerce Matters - treat yourself to this short clip capturing some of the top bulletins.


how can you benefit from tracking competitor prices?

Philip and Rob explain why tracking your competitor prices can help you make crucial decisions about where you are in your market for your product. They also touch on BlackCurve's solution to this - the BlackCurve Tracker.


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