E030 eCommerce Matters - Your Pricing Checklist

Posted by Felicity Simpson on February 11, 2021
Felicity Simpson

In this, the last episode in the first Series of eCommerce Matters, Philip and Rob discuss how and why maintaining your position in the market gives you a tactical and strategic edge. Not just that, but giving you a breakdown of your 'Pricing Checklist' to help you structure your pricing check-ins.

Hosts: Philip Huthwaite (CEO & Founder of BlackCurve) and Rob Horton (Product Director at BlackCurve).

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How do you maintain your market position?

Rob bestows some best-practice pricing wisdom: How and why you should make time for routine checks to maintain your market position, and how many online retailers already use BlackCurve software to achieve this.


The final episode's props

In the last episode of the series, Philip and Rob have taken the pricing metaphors to new heights...


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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Competition, Pricing System, Ecommerce, Podcast

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