7 Benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

By Moira McCormick / January 28, 2016
In an earlier article, Innoware looked at the benefits of customised software in the context of Pricing & Quotation Software. As a follow-up, this article aims to explore the benefits of subscription based out-of-the-box ...
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Topics: Software, SaaS, Price Management, Quote Management

12 Benefits of Customised Pricing Software

By Moira McCormick / January 27, 2016
Custom software (also known as bespoke software or tailor-made software) is software that is specially developed for a specific organization. As such, it can be contrasted with the use of software packages developed for the ...
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Topics: Software, Pricing Software, Price Management

How to Prevent Buyers from Getting Hung up On Price

By Moira McCormick / January 26, 2016
About one-third of consumers are purely hung up on price, while the other two-thirds are open to at least hearing another argument, says Tom Reilly, an author and value-based shopping expert. "Value is always long term," ...
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Topics: Pricing Success, Pricing Manager

How to Implement Dynamic Pricing Without Harming Your Bottom Line

By Moira McCormick / January 25, 2016
According to Forrester, an independent technology and market research company, dynamic pricing is “an innovative pricing mechanism made possible by recent advances in information technology… that allows online companies to ...
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Topics: DPS, Dynamic Pricing, Surge

What is Quote to Cash?

By Moira McCormick / January 20, 2016
Introduction Also known as QTC or Q2C, "quote to cash" is a term that is used to describe a business process that covers product or service selection, pricing, quoting, contracting, invoicing, payment checking, and contract ...
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Topics: CPQ, Configure Price Quote, QTC, Quote-to-Cash

6 Traits of High Performing Pricing Managers

By Moira McCormick / January 18, 2016
To make it as a successful Pricing Manager, there are many desirable skills/traits to have in your arsenal. Pricing Managers today are very different to pricing managers of 10 years ago (if the role even existed in many ...
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Topics: Pricing Manager, Price Management

12 early warning signs your pricing is failing

By Moira McCormick / January 11, 2016
The pricing of your product or service is a key element in determining the profitability of your business. However it is not always easy to get it right. How do you make sure that money ends up in your pocket and you avoid ...
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Topics: Pricing Software, Price Management, Pricing

5 Ways Price Management is Changing

By Moira McCormick / January 8, 2016
  Finding the right price management strategy is an important element in running a successful business. Naturally, as markets change, so do the strategies required for price management....
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Topics: Pricing Success, Pricing Software, Price Management

Should You Publish Your Prices Online?

By Moira McCormick / January 6, 2016
One of the most controversial decisions for almost any business owner is whether to post pricing information on their website. Traditionally, business owners have been inclined to keep this information off their websites – ...
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Topics: Price Communication, Publish Prices, Pricing

15 Margin Improvement Tasks to Kick Start 2016

By Moira McCormick / January 4, 2016
We hope your Christmas was a good one, but now it's back to work for the New Year with (here's hoping) renewed intentions and impetus to improve those margins. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes, "no work, no pain" will ...
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Topics: Margin Growth, Pricing Success, Pricing Software, Price Optimisation

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