Why is a Pricing Strategy the Key to Selling Success in Online Retail

By Moira McCormick / February 26, 2016
Introduction Online retailing continues to expand nationally and globally – as customers abandon historic high streets and shop from home or on the go. Two examples of online retailers challenging traditional purchasing ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Retail

Common B2C Pricing Challenges and How to Solve Them

By Moira McCormick / February 22, 2016
In Part One we looked at B2B Pricing Challenges. In this following on article, we're exploring Business-to-Consumer Pricing Challenges (B2C). Charging the correct price for your product or service can be a tricky business – ...
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Topics: Price Manager, Pricing Success, Price Management, Pricing Strategy

Pricing Best Practices

By Moira McCormick / February 9, 2016
Everyone knows that they will have to pay for a product or service at some point, it's just a question of how much. Recently, however, it has become noticable that customers are proving to be tougher negotiators, both B2C ...
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Topics: Pricing Training, Pricing Success, Pricing Strategy, Pricing

Common B2B Pricing Challenges and How to Solve Them

By Moira McCormick / February 3, 2016
Introduction Gaining a competitive advantage is key in the ever-changing business world of today. ‘How do we get more business?’ is the continuous question....
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Topics: Pricing Success, Pricing Manager, Pricing Challenge

How a Pricing Manager Can Help Your Business Grow

By Moira McCormick / February 3, 2016
If your company is intent on preserving - and growing - profit margins, it becomes imperative to adapt and up your game plan. Pricing and profitability management needs to be a key element of that plan. Everywhere you look ...
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Topics: Pricing Manager, Employee, Human Resources

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