What are the best pricing rules for SMBs?

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on September 21, 2022
Philip Huthwaite
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The latest episode of The eCommerce Matters Podcast is here, entitled "What are the best pricing rules for SMBs".

It's not "Pick of the Pops", but "Pick of the Pricing"! 

We're lucky enough to see pricing rules applied across many different sectors. In this episode we pick our top five, and also share with you, the pricing rules that don't live up to all the hype! 

We cover competitor pricing, rounding rules (psychological pricing), marketing rules, pricing safeguards, and more.


Available on all major podcast platforms including:

🎧 Apple - https://anchor.fm/ecommerce-matters/episodes/Ep--0-35---What-are-the-best-pricing-rules-for-eCommerce-SMBs-e1nuhvb

🎧 Anchor - https://anchor.fm/ecommerce-matters/episodes/Ep--0-35---What-are-the-best-pricing-rules-for-eCommerce-SMBs-e1nuhvb


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