Grow Faster by Making Pricing Strategy a Team Effort

By Moira McCormick / July 26, 2016
Pricing Optimisation is a central part of your business – if it isn't then it should be! Everything from your marketing and sales to your product and operations should be used to either drive potential customers to make an ...
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Topics: Price Communication, Pricing Team, Profit Maximization

Pricing Under Uncertainty Post-Brexit

By Moira McCormick / July 25, 2016
Britain has voted to leave the European Union. It was an unexpected result and not one that was particularly welcome to most businesses in the UK. However, the country is beginning to come to terms with the result of the ...
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Topics: B2B, Price Strategy, Brexit

Sock it to them with Psychological Pricing!

By Moira McCormick / July 21, 2016
Psychological pricing is a universal technique that you can apply to virtually any other broad pricing strategy. The general idea behind the concept of psychological pricing is to play on the mental tendencies of consumers, ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Pyschological Pricing

12 Ways to Tempt Your Online Customers

By Moira McCormick / July 20, 2016
You have an online store, but how do you draw in new customers and keep them loyal? The answer is through offers, coupons, discounts and deals. It's a truth universally acknowledged that most online merchants will be faced ...
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Topics: B2C, Online Pricing

Use Price Segmentation for Profit Growth

By Moira McCormick / July 18, 2016
It's a fact that no two customers have the same Willingness to Pay, but you naturally want to capture as much of each of your customer's Willingness to Pay as possible. The answer could be to charge different prices to ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Pricing Elasticity, Willingness to Pay

11 Disadvantages of Using Excel to Manage Your Pricing

By Moira McCormick / July 15, 2016
Any business wants to maximise profits by pricing their goods and services at the right level. Traditionally for many businesses price management has been conducted using Excel spreadsheets to calculate optimum prices – and ...
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Topics: Price Management, Price Optimisation, Pricing Solution, Pricing System, Price Engine

What Can a Pricing Solution Do For Your Business?

By Moira McCormick / July 13, 2016
Any business wants to maximise profits by pricing their goods and services at the right level – and to control those prices using an accurate pricing solution or price engine. Traditionally for many businesses price ...
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Topics: CPQ, Pricing Software, Pricing Solution, Price Engine

12 Questions to Ask When Pricing Your Product

By Moira McCormick / July 12, 2016
You may have a wonderful product or service to sell but just because you think it's wonderful doesn't guarantee success. In order to get the customer interested you also have to price it correctly and that requires knowing ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy

Online Pricing: How to Beat the Competition

By Moira McCormick / July 11, 2016
Wouldn't you have an easy life if you could sell your products and services online for whatever you wanted – and your customers didn't complain at any stage – or go elsewhere? Obviously this might seem like a bit of a ...
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Topics: Pricing Software, Pricing Strategy, Competition

The Power of Differential Pricing

By Moira McCormick / July 6, 2016
what is Differential Pricing? A differential pricing strategy allows a company to adjust pricing based on various situations or circumstances. The price variations come in different forms, from discounts for a particular ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy

Why Use Promotional Pricing?

By Moira McCormick / July 5, 2016
Introduction Promotional pricing is one of the most powerful sales strategies there is. Prices can be reduced by a percentage amount for a limited duration and an item is therefore deemed to be in a Sale. This helps to ...
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Topics: Pricing Strategy, Promotions

Why Do Companies Price Discriminate?

By Moira McCormick / July 4, 2016
Introduction Price discrimination is a pricing strategy that charges customers different prices for identical goods or services according to certain criteria. In pure price discrimination, the seller/provider will charge ...
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Topics: Price Optimisation, Gender, Pricing Elasticity

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