How are Travel Packages Priced?

Posted by Moira McCormick on April 25, 2018

Almost half of the 65 million trips taken abroad each year by UK citizens are "package holidays" - where the consumer buys a complete package of accommodation, flight and connections for a single price.  It’s a highly competitive market with a small number of large tour operators wrestling hard for market share.

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SaaS Pricing: It’s Actually Good to Lose Some Customers—Here’s Why

Posted by Ashley Lipman on April 24, 2018

This guest post was written by Ashley Lipman.

You’ve created a great, user-friendly SaaS product. You and your team are ready to launch it, except—and here’s the big except—you aren’t sure how to price it. Should you use a per feature pricing model? Do you offer free trials? What should you charge for individual and group packages?

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Just How Disruptive are Pricing Techniques?

Posted by Moira McCormick on April 18, 2018

How disruptive are pricing techniques? Do you want to shake things up in your business?  Perhaps you want to go a whole lot further and shake things up in your industry as a whole?  Steady on there, first things first.

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BlackCurve partners with BMi Research to bring dynamic pricing solution to South Africa

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on April 12, 2018


BlackCurve has partnered BMi Research that will combine best practice in pricing management with price trend expertise to offer a holistic pricing solution to the South Africa market.

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Retail Trends For This Year and Beyond

Posted by Moira McCormick on April 11, 2018

The current retail environment is evolving rapidly with an increasing focus on machine learning and disruptive innovation so retailers seem destined to use artificial intelligence effectiveness to maintain and improve their share of the market.

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I Spy: How to Automate Ecommerce Competitor Price Tracking

Posted by Moira McCormick on April 4, 2018

The Internet gives consumers unprecedented power to quickly and easily compare prices and find the best promotions for the products they require. Online pricing transparency, therefore creates the need for brands to closely monitor prices across their categories and against their competitors.

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Topics: Ecommerce, Price Tracking

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