Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week Eight

Posted by Lara McLeod on August 30, 2018
Lara McLeod

Lara McLeod weekly log week 8

Week 8, and my penultimate week at BlackCurve, has been just as busy as the rest. 

At the start of the week, I focused on another big push on the email marketing of People of Pricing. I really want to leave with as many people interested as possible with taking part.

Most people have been so friendly in their correspondence, and I am not too far off reaching that goal, so it was a really important start of this week to just try and give people that last little nudge to take part.

I also helped on Tuesday to release the new BlackCurve video, called Please Stop Confusing People With Your Pricing.

It was such a good opportunity to see and learn the whole process, from uploading it onto YouTube to distributing it on social media. I really saw the importance of the little details required to ensure that it looked great and had as much impact as it possibly could.

Wednesday mornings have been committed to ensuring the smooth release of the latest People of Pricing blog, but this Wednesday, I also got the chance to see the behind the scenes of filming a video.

This was really fun to see, and also had a little cameo appearance which I will be looking out for!

Again this week, I have been looking at PR related tasks as well, with a focus on speaking opportunities. I have put together a list, and am now making my way through contacting the relevant people.

It has been a varied and busy week once again, and next week will be focused on tying things together and evaluating all the different things I have been able to do and learnt from my two months with BlackCurve.

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