Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week Five

Posted by Lara McLeod on August 9, 2018
Lara McLeod

Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week 5

During Week 5, I have moved my attention slightly from People of Pricing, and am now concentrating on more PR focused tasks regarding BlackCurve.

This has really meant a lot of time being dedicated to researching various avenues, which could fit with BlackCurve and the message we want to pass on about the business and the ethos.

I began by looking into technology publications, which have demonstrated an interest in pricing and, also generally business. I also considered different podcasts that would be of interest to BlackCurve, and BlackCurve may be of interest to them.

It has been interesting to see the different avenues open to boost the presence of BlackCurve, and really trying to get to grips with how one should approach the different routes open to a Marketing and PR team.

This week, I have also been able to see the positive consequences of the work I have done on BlackCurve’s social media. Organising and executing a plan for social media was one of my first tasks when I started my internship, and after a month, a report shows the heightened engagement.

This was really exciting to see how my work was having a direct impact, and an impact that could be supported through data and analytics. Following this, I have been looking at what were successful posts, and creating content similar to that to follow up on in the coming months.

I also this week wrote a blog piece, all about psychology and pricing. It was very interesting to see the psychological tricks that businesses use, which impact every day purchasing decisions that we all make.

The first half of my internship has gone really quickly, and seeing the results of the first month, has given me a push to really try and ensure that my contributions are having a tangible effect.

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