Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week One

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 12, 2018
Lara McLeod

Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week One

Here are a few words from our Emmanuel Aremu, Growth Director at BlackCurve:

"As BlackCurve continues to progress, it has looked to expand its team in order to contribute towards its mission of helping companies optimise their prices and grow profits. After such a successful internship last year, we have decided to continue this programme for a second time.

Lara McLeod will be uploading a weekly log detailing the projects she completes over the course of two months. I'm glad to have Lara join the team and contribute to the many ongoing projects."


Week One

"This week I began my internship at BlackCurve. Not fully knowing what to expect, but having been repeatedly told how valuable the experience and knowledge gained during an internship whilst still a student can be, I felt excited, but also apprehensive.

However, I can unreservedly say that the first week at BlackCurve has been stimulating, engaging, and incredibly informative, whilst being somewhat exhausting.

Despite the sweltering heat, packed tubes, and early starts (9am lectures will be a breeze next year), the enjoyment in being allowed responsibility for my own projects and the knowledge I have gained in just one week more than outweighs these slight negatives.

My first role was to familiarise myself with all the software that I will be using throughout my time here. HubSpot is my new favourite toy, where I have been picking up all the marketing language that meant nothing to me a few days ago!

I have been set my own tasks for the next two months, and I’m sure more will be added to my ‘To Do List’. My main task this week has been focused on the company’s social media pages, and finally the hours spent scrolling through Twitter and trying to find the perfect filter on Instagram are paying off.

Before starting, my biggest concern was how I would get my head around tech and pricing? I am not from a technical background at all (I refuse to even use a Kindle for my English degree), but the openness of how the team at BlackCurve works means it is so easy to ask questions and gain a wealth of information from everyone’s different backgrounds and roles.   

Wednesday afternoon sees us all sit down around the table and share our ongoing work, and it was here that I really felt I was starting to understand how BlackCurve operates. Right from the technical, to the marketing, to the sales, everyone has their own role; but everyone has the same goal: to work towards achieving the potential of BlackCurve.

I have quickly learnt that everything you do at BlackCurve makes a genuine difference, and the positive and conscientious attitudes of those around me here, pushes me on to want to perform at my best.

After just a week, I am ready for what the rest has in store. I am sure it will be challenging, but also so exciting!"

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