Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week Two

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 19, 2018
Lara McLeod


Week Two 

After my first week of settling in and getting comfortable with BlackCurve’s marketing strategies and tools, Week Two has seen me taking more control of the various social media sites, as well putting a plan together to launch a new project on BlackCurve’s website.

I started my week getting to grips with creating gifs. The making of the gif itself was not difficult, but downloading the gif I created proved to not be so straightforward. 

When I finally overcame this issue, the joy was very real! As well as creating gifs and some material for the social media pages, I spent some time scheduling all of this to go out on Twitter over the coming months.

My most important job, however, this week was starting the process of implementing a new idea, called People of Pricing. Inspired by Humans of New York, it aims to look at the people behind pricing. So, first I needed to create a landing page and design the look of the page so that would all be set to go when we were ready to launch.

I also needed to think about who we would want to include in this page, and how best to approach them. After several drafts, I came up with the emails and the questions, which I have been sending out this morning.

For me, it was really interesting to see how varied the people within this industry are; there is much more representation than I expected of women, ethnicities, and ages.

Now the emails have been sent, and I am awaiting for the replies to (hopefully) come flooding in. Then, the next step will be using the information provided to launch the project, which really be very exciting!

While the week has had its dips (I learnt I do not agree with air-con well at all, and am still mourning the exit of England at the World Cup), the work I have been set once again this week is stimulating and allows me a very real role within the company.

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