Best Pricing Conferences to Attend in 2018

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on December 6, 2017
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It is that time of year, when we think about winding down and pricing conferences we would like to attend.

So buckle up, here are a few pricing conferences you can attend in 2018.



PriceCon 2018

The only startup focused pricing conference,  PriceCon connects startups with pricing experts, startup founders and business leaders to talk about the art of pricing in an engaging and actionable manner.

Attendees will get the opportunity to learn how to implement, test and improve pricing strategies for products.


PPS European & Global Pricing Conference

The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) puts on their annual pricing conference which features keynotes from pricing experts, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. All to help attendees enhance their pricing knowledge.


Digital Pricing Summit 

This conference covers pressing topics within the pricing community.

The past discussions have been around issues such as superior pricing strategies in the highly competitive B2C markets, value creation, communication, managing partners and channel conflict.


European Pricing Conference

The European Pricing Summit will feature best practice case studies from top pricing experts in two streams: B2B and B2C pricing.

The rise of new technologies, the growth of ecommerce and increasing competition from global competitors are just a few of the reasons why companies are attending this conference, as they are investing in developing a pricing strategy that works. 


EPP Global & European Pricing Forum

The EPP Global & European Pricing Forum usually focuses on the newest thinking, innovative pricing concepts and latest insights from leading pricing and monetisation experts from across the world.


Pricing Strategy Conference

Simon-Kucher & Partners are recognised as leading pricing experts. Each year, the company organises a conference around a topic where pricing specialists discuss the impact of pricing on a company’s profitability and its ability to maintain volumes.



Zuora, a leading subscription technology company, gives practical advice on how to grow subscription businesses, from the tools to help nurture relationships with customers and to how to stay competitive in global marketplaces. 

Attendees will learn how to take advantage of the monetisation opportunities of products without compromising the frameworks and drive business transformation.




San Diego Pricing Conference

San Diego Pricing Conference 

Attendees of this conference take part in interactive learning workshops, talks by pricing leaders from Fortune 500 companies and a Town Hall event – granting attendees a direct interaction with keynote speakers.


SaaSFest 2017

Leading SaaS Executives, VPs and more who will share war stories, data, analysis and practical lessons learned.

Packed with actionable talks and panels geared towards the three pillars of SaaS—Retention, Monetisation and Acquisition.



Pricing Conference

Annual Pricing & Revenue Management Asia Summit

This annual conference gives attendees valuable B2B and B2C insights on how Asia’s corporate leaders can continue to innovate, align and optimise their pricing and revenue optimisation strategies.


 Psychological Pricing Tips that Increase Sales


There you go, a list of pricing conferences you can attend to expand your pricing knowledge and network and leverage new pricing insights for the benefit of your business.

Let us know if we missed any conferences.

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