Chandan Dhiman's Marketing Internship Log: Week Two

Posted by Chandan Dhiman on July 14, 2017
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As BlackCurve continues to progress, it has looked to expand its team in order to contribute towards its mission of helping companies optimise their prices and grow profits. And so, Blackcurve has opened its office doors to its very first intern.

Blackcurve's Marketing Intern, Chandan Dhiman will be uploading a weekly log detailing the projects she completes over the course of two months.


Week Three:

"Now that I have had the time to familiarise myself with Blackcurve’s marketing operations, I was given the responsibility to take on some more challenging tasks which have been enjoyable. In particular, it was great being trusted to research and draft my own blog post in which I discuss the pros and cons of producing software in-house or purchasing it externally.

I have also been pushed to produce my own ideas for potential blog posts despite my lack of technical knowledge within this industry. This has been a challenge that I am more than happy to tackle.

Researching has allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of the pricing industry, and I am now able to follow technical conversations – all the lingo included! I have also realised that there are many online tools available to aid content marketing processes that should definitely be taken advantage of.

Blackcurve has strongly encouraged personal development, and so time has been given to allow me to complete online certifications in Google Analytics, as well as venture into the complex world of coding. Coding is something I have always wanted to try, but have been quite intimidated by – I’m grateful that this internship has pushed me out of my comfort zone!

It has also been insightful recognising the ways in which marketing techniques have been applied to Blackcurve’s growth strategy, and the level of success they have achieved.

What I have learned, is that with any start-up, trial and error is fundamental, and there is nothing wrong with experimenting with things, even if they end up not working out as you had planned. I realised this when I spent an hour trying to use Adobe Photoshop to make a 3D infographic for the website – it turned out horrendously!

I have also worked on creating an online tool for individuals to learn about their pricing needs – it will be exciting seeing this launch, and analysing the results we receive from it."


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