How To Grow Profits with Pricing Intelligence

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on July 17, 2023
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Hello, all you profit wizards out there! It’s a big data world, and only those with access to the right information can make the best pricing decisions.

As an online seller, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of feeling behind when trying to price match or undercut the competition. But with pricing intelligence software, you can stay on top of the market and optimise your profits.

Pricing Intelligence solutions are built to track and analyse competitor prices - giving users real-time insights into what their rivals are up to. With no manual research, these tools provide a bird’s eye view of the pricing landscape, revealing trends and enabling users to get ahead of the competition.

Best of all, this powerful technology allows you to enhance your pricing in a competitive market without lifting a finger. Let's break down the mysterious concept of "pricing intelligence" - and see how the right pricing intelligence software tools can give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the game.


Pricing intelligence software: What it is & why do you need it?

What's your pricing IQ? If you are like many business owners, you may be pricing your products and services without access to the best data. Pricing intelligence is the key to unlocking your competitive edge in this market by giving you the insights you need to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Pricing intelligence software is an advanced technology that taps into market pricing data and customer preferences to help businesses identify and adjust prices based on current conditions. This is a powerful tool for online retailers, who must stay competitive in today's highly saturated digital landscape.




Why is pricing intelligence important?

Having the right and best available data is crucial when developing your e-commerce pricing strategies.

After all, if you aren't actively monitoring and adjusting your pricing strategy, you are missing out on potential profits. By leveraging the right data and insights, you can ensure that your prices remain competitive - while still making a profit.

There are a variety of aspects to pricing intelligence that make it so useful:

  • Monitor and adjust prices as market trends change.
  • Track competitor pricing strategies and react accordingly.
  • Analyse sales volumes across different channels to optimise your pricing strategy.
  • Leverage customer segmentation data to create personalised pricing models to attract more customers and drive sales.

When you can aggregate data from multiple sources and analyse it in real time, you can make decisions about pricing that will help you stay ahead of the competition.


Pricing intelligence software for different types of businesses

A variety of pricing intelligence software solutions are available, tailored to the needs of different types of businesses. Whether you're a small business selling online or a large retailer with multiple stores, there is a tool out there for you.


E-commerce Pricing Intelligence Software

In e-commerce, gathering data on pricing, competition and customer behavior can be challenging. But with the right software, you can analyse all of this data in one place to make informed decisions about your pricing strategy.


Hospitality Pricing Intelligence Software

The hospitality industry is highly competitive and dynamic. With the right pricing intelligence software, you can identify trends in customer booking times and adjust your pricing accordingly to ensure that you are maximising profits. You'll also be able to track competitor prices in real-time so that you stay ahead of the competition.


SaaS Pricing Intelligence Software

SaaS businesses must be able to manage their pricing models effectively to stay competitive and profitable. With the right software, they can intelligently adjust their pricing based on customer segmentation data and market trends - rather than rely on guesswork and intuition. The software can monitor competitor pricing changes in real-time, so you always have the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions.


What are the benefits of using pricing intelligence software?

Your investment dollars are precious within your business. So why should you consider spending money on pricing intelligence software? Let’s look a bit closer at the main benefits you can start to see quickly when you invest in a pricing intelligence tool that offers more than just monitoring services.


1. Real-time data accuracy and reliability

With pricing intelligence software, you'll always have access to the most up-to-date data on competitor prices and customer behavior. For instance, if you have a product or service in high demand, you can adjust your pricing quickly and efficiently to capitalise on the surge.


2. Advanced data analytics functionality

Pricing intelligence software allows you to analyse large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This will allow you to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, competitor pricing, and product trends.


3. Automated pricing rules

Advanced software can also be used to create automated pricing rules based on your own criteria. This allows you to ensure that your prices are always in line with your desired goals and that they remain competitive in the market.


4. Increased profits

While there's no magic wand for increasing profits, pricing intelligence software can help you set prices to maximise your revenue. For instance, if you notice in your data tracking that a particular product isn't selling as well as you'd like, you can track the pricing over time and visualise the trends to identify and implement profitable pricing strategies.


How can you conduct a competitor analysis with pricing intelligence software?

Competitor analyses are an integral part of any pricing strategy. After all, how can you set your prices without knowing what the market looks like? Pricing intelligence software makes it easy to track competitor pricing, trends and offers to stay one step ahead of the competition.




By gathering information on competitor activity, you'll be able to identify any gaps in the market that could present new opportunities for your own business - and create a pricing strategy that takes these insights into account. This will help you to stay competitive and increase your profits in the long run.


Techniques used by pricing intelligence software

The best pricing intelligence tools offer a variety of powerful features that can quickly look through your data and identify trends. Some of the most popular techniques used by pricing intelligence software include:


Web scraping

This is a fundamental technique used by pricing intelligence software. It involves scanning and extracting data from competitors' websites and online marketplaces. The data usually includes prices, promotions, product descriptions, customer reviews, and stock availability.


Data Cleansing and Normalisation

After data extraction, it undergoes a cleaning process to remove any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, or irrelevant information. On the other hand, normalisation is about ensuring that all data is in a standard format, making it easier to compare different products, prices, and vendors.


Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Increasingly, ML and AI techniques are used to analyse the collected data at a massive scale. AI can help identify patterns and correlations in the data that may not be obvious to humans. ML algorithms can then predict future pricing, product demand, and more.


Predictive Analytics

Pricing intelligence software can use historical data to predict future pricing trends and consumer behavior. For instance, it can anticipate how a price change might affect sales volumes or what the optimal price for a product might be at a certain time of year.


Dynamic Pricing

Based on the gathered data, businesses can implement dynamic pricing strategies, where prices are automatically adjusted based on various factors like demand, supply, competitor prices, and customer behavior.


Price Optimisation

Pricing intelligence software uses advanced algorithms to determine the optimal price for a product - the price that maximises profit while maintaining competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


Visual Reporting

The software generates user-friendly visual reports, graphs, and charts that clearly present the analysed data, taking the confusion out o pricing and making decision-making easier.


Alerts & Insights

Akin to a virtual assistant, the software can be configured to send out alerts and insights to stakeholders whenever there are significant changes in the market or competitor prices so that they can take timely action.


How to choose the right pricing intelligence tool for your business

The benefits are clear, and the future of sales is in big data - but how do you find the right pricing intelligence tool for your business? Here are some key questions to ask as you consider investing in pricing intelligence software:

  • Your Business Needs: What specific needs does my business have? Does the tool provide the functionalities that meet these needs, such as competitor price tracking, predictive analytics, dynamic pricing, or price optimisation?
  • Accuracy and Reliability of Data: How accurate and reliable is the data provided by the tool? Does it use advanced algorithms and machine learning to ensure data quality and accuracy
  • Data Sources: From which sources does the tool gather its pricing data? Is it capable of extracting data from various sources, including competitor websites, online marketplaces, and potentially social media?
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Does the tool provide real-time or near-real-time competitor price monitoring?
  • Ease of Use: How user-friendly is the tool? Will I be able to quickly understand and interpret the data and reports it generates?
  • Integration: Can the tool easily integrate with my existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, or e-commerce platform?
  • Scalability: Will the tool be able to handle increased data as my business grows and my needs become more complex?


Paid vs free pricing intelligence tools: Which is right for you?

There are a number of tools on the market that promise results - but what's worth putting money toward? While you can find free versions of pricing intelligence software, paid tools are usually more powerful and have additional features.

Ultimately it depends on your needs, budget, and the data you need to analyse. Remember that most solutions offer features that more than pay for themselves when you see the results.



What businesses can benefit from pricing intelligence software?

Nearly all businesses that sell products or services can benefit from pricing intelligence software. Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or e-commerce business, having access to real-time pricing data and analytics puts you in the best position to make informed decisions and maximise profits.


How does online pricing intelligence work?

Pricing intelligence software works by collecting and analysing pricing data from multiple sources. This can include competitor websites, online marketplaces, and even offline stores in your local area. The software then uses this data to provide valuable insights into customer trends, price points, and other factors affecting your bottom line.


What are some key features to look for in pricing intelligence software?

When it comes to choosing pricing intelligence software, look for solutions with features like competitor monitoring, automated price optimisation, and reporting tools that offer visualisation of data. Some tools offer machine learning algorithms that help you capitalise on new market opportunities and price points.


Discover the power of pricing intelligence with BlackCurve

Pricing intelligence software gives you a suite of tools that make it easier to stay on top of your competitive landscape. By utilising your data, you can adapt to changing market conditions quickly and accurately, allowing you to make informed decisions in a fraction of the time.

Are you looking to take advantage of the hidden power of data? At BlackCurve, our pricing intelligence software provides real-time insights and analytics to help you generate maximum profits and stay ahead of your competitors without breaking the bank. Try BlackCurve today and see why our clients love us!

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