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Posted by Philip Huthwaite on September 26, 2016
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BlackCurve provides price management and configure price quote (CPQ) software. As mentioned in my earlier blog post detailing BlackCurve's story, many companies are still heavily reliant on spreadsheets and basic pricing strategies that are unknowingly holding them back from growing.


BlackCurve can help You when… 

“My current systems and tools only allow very basic pricing strategies.”

“It takes time for me to communicate price changes.”

“I know I need to move away from cost-plus pricing but I don’t know how.”

“My sales team are over-discounting.”

“I’m unintentionally double discounting." 

“I only make pricing updates once a year because it’s time consuming.”

“I find it difficult to see the impact of my pricing changes on the business.” 

“I find it hard to look back and remember why certain price decisions were made.”

“I struggle to take advantage of pricing my products differently in other markets.”

“I don’t have a robust process for testing whether alternative pricing strategies or rules are suitable.”

“My pricing strategy on new products is cannibalizing sales of older products.”

“I need a way to increase my deal sizes.”

“I’m continually making pricing errors.”

“I’m making poor product selection in my quotations.”

“It takes me a long time to produce a quote and gain approval before I submit to a customer.”

“I’m spending too long manually administering the pricing process.”

“My company operates on a global scale and I’m finding it hard to factor in currencies in my pricing strategy.”

“I’m not taking advantage of psychological pricing.”

“There is no consistency in my pricing and my customers are confused.”

"I'm struggling to manage my promotions."

"I need support in making sure my pricing is compliant with government guidelines."


What you can do

The above scenarios shed light on the key challenges that plague numerous companies. 

Pricing is a journey, and at BlackCurve we want to provide a platform that enables you to easily optimise your pricing and increase your profitability day on day, month on month, year on year.


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