BlackCurve Webinar - Decision Intelligence - 7th July 2022

Posted by Philip Huthwaite on July 11, 2022
Philip Huthwaite
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On July 7th 2022, we hosted a Webinar entitled "Decision Intelligence: How to make better eCommerce decisions". The session was recorded and is available to watch on demand by completing the below form:



The ability to make the right decisions, quickly at scale, is imperative for all eCommerce companies.

Leading eCommerce businesses are adopting Decision Intelligence Tools to support and enhance human decision making, and where appropriate, automate decisions through the use of analytics.

Decision Intelligence adopted correctly, enables you to connect the dots, between often siloed parts of the business.

This webinar covered:
  1. What is Decision Intelligence
  2. How Decision Intelligence can benefit your business
  3. An introduction to BlackCurve's Decision Intelligence Tool, how it works, with real-life examples
  4. The launch BlackCurve's new Pricing Decision Engine

The webinar presenters were Philip Huthwaite (BlackCurve CEO & Founder) and Rob Horton (BlackCurve Product Director).

Topics: Pricing Decisions, Marketing Decisions, Webinar, Decision Intelligence

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