BlackCurve Welcomes a Data Scientist

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on May 3, 2018
Emmanuel Aremu
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Rob Horton 

As BlackCurve continues to scale, we are committed to hiring exceptional people to come along with our mission - helping companies use pricing to grow their profits. Today we're welcoming Rob Horton as our new team member.

Rob is joining us as a Data Scientist and will be helping with expanding our machine learning capabilities. Here are a few words from Rob:

"I think pricing is one of the hardest data science problems out there.

Firstly, dynamic pricing is a classic big data problem. One can leverage a huge number of available data sources when calculating an optimal price covering everything from competitor data to tweets.

Secondly, the behavioural aspect of price discovery makes it an extremely difficult process to model mathematically. For example, what is seen as a fair price today may not be seen as one tomorrow and predicting this change is the holy grail for vendors.

I'm really excited to be able to join BlackCurve and leverage their cutting-edge technology to start addressing these questions."


Here are few words from our CEO, Philip:

"Rob has a fantastic background in mathematics and finance, and it will be exciting to see what additional analytics he can bring to the BlackCurve platform.

One thing that was immediate from the off - we all need to up our unique sock collections!

Welcome to the BlackCurve team Rob!"

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