Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week Three

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 26, 2018

My third week has flown by! I have been kept busy with the development of People of Pricing, and also with research on future blogs that could be posted. 

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Introducing You to... People of Pricing

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 25, 2018

Today, we are launching People of Pricing, a new project which takes an in-depth look at the people within the pricing sector.

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People of Pricing, Nigel Bourke

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 25, 2018

Nigel Bourke, Director of Strategic Pricing at Hogg Robinson Travel, began his pricing career in the military within the MoD. Nigel's fast paced pricing mind is coupled with his pursuits beyond the office, with him being a lover of motorcycle riding and a loyal visitor to the Holte End to support his cherished Aston Villa.

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Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week Two

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 19, 2018

Week Two 

After my first week of settling in and getting comfortable with BlackCurve’s marketing strategies and tools, Week Two has seen me taking more control of the various social media sites, as well putting a plan together to launch a new project on BlackCurve’s website.

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The Perils of Competitor Price Tracking

Posted by Rob Horton on July 18, 2018


At BlackCurve, we define competitor tracking as any strategy that involves monitoring competitor data and adjusting your own prices accordingly. This is often as simple as finding the lowest competing product and undercutting the price .

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Lara McLeod's Marketing Internship Log: Week One

Posted by Lara McLeod on July 12, 2018

Here are a few words from our Emmanuel Aremu, Growth Director at BlackCurve:

"As BlackCurve continues to progress, it has looked to expand its team in order to contribute towards its mission of helping companies optimise their prices and grow profits. After such a successful internship last year, we have decided to continue this programme for a second time.

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Heads Up, Dynamic Pricing Software is Changing Ecommerce

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on July 5, 2018


Change in the eCommerce sector has arrived - and it’s dynamic pricing software!

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How to Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors with These Easy Pricing Changes

Posted by Moira McCormick on July 4, 2018

According to Chris Lema in his article How to Announce Pricing Changes (Without Ruining Everything), it's not the price change itself that you should be worried about but how you present it to your customers.

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Topics: Customers, Brand Ambassadors

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