Chandan Dhiman's Marketing Internship Log: Week Six

Posted by Chandan Dhiman on August 11, 2017
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As BlackCurve continues to progress, it has looked to expand its team in order to contribute towards its mission of helping companies optimise their prices and grow profits. And so, Blackcurve has opened its office doors to its very first intern.

Blackcurve's Marketing Intern, Chandan Dhiman will be uploading a weekly log detailing the projects she completes over the course of two months.


Week Six:

"After catching some sun on holiday, it was a bit of a dampener returning to rainy London! Nevertheless, I've been able to jump straight back into work, and continue with the various projects I've started.

Though August is known for being a quiet period, I have had some luck with reaching out to various event organisers who are keen on the idea of involving BlackCurve in their event itineraries.

I've learned that attending events is a great opportunity for emerging companies. It provides the opportunity to network, engage with respective industries and also find potential clients. I realised that event planners also recognised this potential, as they can charge up to £20,000 just to host a speaker for an event! Tickets to attend start at £700 for the most well-known tech events - a statistic that still leaves me speechless.

Though sending out emails seems like a relatively simple task, it has taught me quite a bit - particularly being able to build a rapport with people over email in less than 100 words! Luckily, through emailing back and forth with an event organiser, I was able to be referred to other organisers they knew, who may provide a good speaking opportunity for BlackCurve - I'm looking forward to see how this plays out.

I recently created BlackCurve Tip Sheets, and so this week was spent thinking of ways in which I could get them in circulation across our social media channels. I created infographics that could be used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to take a look at our Tipsheet if you come across our posts.

Now that I have completed the bulk of the growth initiatives planned for the summer period, I have begun researching my own ideas on how BlackCurve could grow their brand online. In doing so, I have touched upon and learned about customer success and rates of 'churning,' - the rate at which a company loses customers.

I therefore suggested that BlackCurve could introduce a customer feedback survey. Not only would this feed into customer success, but it would also allow BlackCurve to improve aspects of their product for future customers.

It was quite difficult trying to find a balance between incentivising the client to fill out the survey, and making sure we were able to get as much relevant information as possible. I decided a short and quick survey was a good incentive to encourage people to complete the form, and so I whittled down to 5 questions that I felt were most relevant."

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