Chandan Dhiman's Marketing Internship Log: Week Eight

Posted by Chandan Dhiman on August 25, 2017
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As BlackCurve continues to progress, it has looked to expand its team in order to contribute towards its mission of helping companies optimise their prices and grow profits. And so, Blackcurve has opened its office doors to its very first intern.

Blackcurve's Marketing Intern, Chandan Dhiman will be uploading a weekly log detailing the projects she completes over the course of two months.


Week Eight:

"As I approach the end of my penultimate week, I am still so surprised at how quickly the past two months have gone. Next week will be tying a lot of loose strings together and handing over my projects for the Marketing team to continue with.

This week has been the beginning of finishing my projects - this has included building out our new technical FAQ page for our Academy Hub, creating a landing page for our glossary of definitions, and drafting release statements for our partnership programmes. Next week we hope to distribute this material to relevant candidates.

I also worked on some Public Relations efforts by compiling a list of relevent tech journalists, as well as publications that BlackCurve can approach once the company is ready to take this next step. 

I helped out the Sales Team this week as I carried out a bit of webscraping. This involved deep research into different ecommerce companies that we feel can benefit from our software. I focussed on two very different industries, and it was interesting to see how the internet has shaped the retail process of both.

Feedback we received from our Shard Release was the fact that our video content lacked subtitles. Now that people tend to watch video content on their commutes to work, or during the lunch breaks, subtitles are more important than ever. I spent a while transcribing our most popular video content so that users can view them with subtitles. We hope that this generally improves the experience for the viewer.

Finally, I have been working on implementing targeted Facebook ads so that we are able to get our content to those who will find it the most useful. Following the success of our previous Facebook Ad test, the Marketing Team has agreed to increase its budget in this area, and put in place campaigns that will continue to grow our social media presence.

Since my previous work experience has been in retail, this will be my first Bank Holiday Monday working in an office, and I very much look forward to not waking up at my usual 7am on Monday! Hope those reading also has a restful, well-deserved long weekend."


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