Excel Pricing is Holding Back Your Company

Posted by Emmanuel Aremu on May 17, 2018
Emmanuel Aremu
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Excel Pricing is Holding Back Your Company

Quite often in our conversations with companies who are looking to improve their pricing operation, we hear this statement.

“We already use Excel to manage our pricing”.


Which sounds okay but it's not the best way to use pricing to grow profits.


Sure, Excel is a useful tool but it will not tease out those profit margin gains.

Plus Excel pricing will not seamlessly generate pricing recommendations to help you achieve profitability across your entire product range.





Nor would it be secure against human errors, which will put your entire pricing operation in jeopardy.

In this video, Philip Huthwaite Founder and CEO of BlackCurve, will share many of the reasons why Excel pricing is holding back your company’s progress, plus what to do instead.

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