3 Reasons Why You Need Configure Price Quote Software

By Moira McCormick / September 30, 2016
Are you fed up with errors being made on your quotes? Does it take you a long time to create quotes manually? Can you see an opportunity to attract customers with precisely tailored offers - but it's too complicated using ...
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7 Reasons Why You Need BlackCurve

By Philip Huthwaite / September 29, 2016
Let's face it, we're not the only company offering Price Management and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, but we're bringing something special to the table that will set us apart from our competitors....
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Price Wars - Don't Strike Back

By Moira McCormick / September 28, 2016
Your competitors may all be falling over one another to get a piece of the market - and discounting heavily to make sure they win their share of that market. However, you are really not compelled to join in; better in this ...
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The Problem BlackCurve is Trying To Solve

By Philip Huthwaite / September 26, 2016
BlackCurve provides price management and configure price quote (CPQ) software. As mentioned in my earlier blog post detailing BlackCurve's story, many companies are still heavily reliant on spreadsheets and basic pricing ...
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8 Reasons Why You Need Price List Software

By Philip Huthwaite / September 22, 2016
It's really not rocket science – in order to maximise your profits and stay ahead of the competition you know you have to price at the optimum level. In order to achieve this, what your business needs is an accurate price ...
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Our Story

By Philip Huthwaite / September 21, 2016
During my time as a Sales Director in the software sector, I was increasingly coming across businesses (manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers) that were requiring more sophisticated tools to manage ...
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Top 6 Yield Management Tips

By Moira McCormick / September 19, 2016
Yield management is the process of understanding, anticipating, and influencing consumer behaviour to maximize yield or profits from a fixed, 'perishable' resource, such as hotel rooms, tables in restaurants, theatre ...
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Topics: Price Management, Price Optimisation, Yield Management

Are These The Worst Pricing Mistakes Ever?

By Moira McCormick / September 12, 2016
Come on, admit it - you may have made one or two pricing errors during your esteemed pricing career – but surely none as costly as those detailed below?...
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8 tricks to find the best price for your products

By Moira McCormick / September 7, 2016
Is your company big or small? Do you sell b2b or b2c? Are you the market leader or new to the marketplace? Wherever you sit you will all have one thing in common – the need to achieve the best price for your products to ...
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5 Signs You're Smarter at Pricing Than You Think

By Moira McCormick / September 6, 2016
Do you have any nagging doubts that you might not be getting quite the optimum price for your products or services?  Are you confident you always utilise your skills, expertise and know-how to squeeze out those extra profits ...
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6 Tips for Profit Maximisation

By Moira McCormick / September 5, 2016
The right price can boost profit faster than increasing volume ever will. The wrong price can shrink a profit just as quickly. You may understandably be wary of increasing prices for fear of alienating or losing customers ...
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How CPQ Software Will Free You From Spreadsheet Hell

By Philip Huthwaite / September 1, 2016
BlackCurve has pointed out in earlier blogs the many problems associated with using spreadsheets to manage your prices. So, if you agree with us that solely using spreadsheets for this task is a bad idea, our recommendation ...
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