7 Reasons Why You Need BlackCurve

By Philip Huthwaite on September 29, 2016


Let's face it, we're not the only company offering Price Management and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, but we're bringing something special to the table that will set us apart from our competitors.

BlackCurve will be instantly available through our website

No 'Request Demo' buttons here thank you. We know that you're smart, and we know that you like to get your hands on technology before you talk to us - to find out whether it's a good fit. That's why when we launch you'll instantly be able to start a 30 day trial.


Clear pricing

You don't see the pricing on our competitors websites, and many other sectors also follow the 'Contact us for prices' model. Whether it's a case of wanting to demonstrate the value first before you're dealt a sucker punch, or simply there is a worry it will put customers off, I'm not sure.

What I do know from my own experience of buying software is that it's very frustrating. You want to know where you stand first, so it's not a waste of time for either party during the sales cycle. That's why when we launch, our pricing will be available on our website for the whole world to see.

We're also launching with a pricing model that is a bit different, as we practice what we preach and experiment with our own pricing strategy to get to the optimum model. I cannot say more on this now as I'll get told off by the team, but I'm excited about it! You can sign up for our waiting list to find out exactly what I'm talking about.


Software should BE intuitive

Pricing and quoting software has got a bit of a bad rep, along with many other enterprise solutions that it can be clunky and requires hours of training to understand how it works.

We believe software should be intuitive and easy to pick up, and in a data-driven environment this can be tricky.

We've worked hard to provide an easy to understand user experience, so you can get right to optimising your pricing process quicker.


Free Pricing Audit


A friendly company

The founders are a Father and Son pair, although interestingly as the son I'm the boss 😇.

Our skills complement each other, Charles being a fantastic coder, myself bringing a consulting background to drive the sales and strategy side of the business. This means we have a friendly family environment at our core. We aim to be approachable and always willing to help.


Provide a flexible system that grows with you

We're launching with three product tiers meaning that you can select an option that works best for your business.

If you start on our entry level solution currently known as our 'Team' edition, we hope you'll get fantastic benefit, and as your business grows you can easily upgrade to a higher edition, and get access to further functionality to support you on your quest for better pricing.


Limited IT involvement

BlackCurve is cloud based, and hosted completely by us. This means not only can we get you up and running quickly, but also that your busy IT team will only be called upon when an integration to any existing business system needs to be setup. 


Cut the jargon

Now this last one is going to be tricky I will be honest. Our sector is full of jargon. You just have to mention words like "profit analyser" or "price builder" and I must admit I'm already tying myself in knots trying to articulate what that actually means.

If I'm struggling, how can we expect the people who will use our systems day in day out to get it? We're going to do our best to cut the crap and talk in an language that you'd use with your friends, a language that is clear and simple to understand.

I know that pricing and quoting technology is not the sexiest sector in the world, but done right it can have a fantastic impact on helping your business increase revenue and increase profits  - which in itself is sexy. 

Still not convinced that BlackCurve is missing from your life? Well sign up today and get a free 30-day trial to kickstart your journey to smarter pricing.


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