BlackCurve New Release - London Eye

By Philip Huthwaite on February 2, 2017

It's 2nd February 2017, and with the new years resolutions still in tact (well almost!), we are pleased to release the latest round of updates to BlackCurve. These updates include:

BBNF008 Price Analytics Module - Reports include: Price Elasticity, Price History, Sales History and Price versus Website Performance.

BBNF009 Rule count added to Data Management.

BBUP005 Performance updates to the search throughout the site.

BBUP006 More detail added to error messages (pop-ups), to support faster resolution of support tickets.

BBUP007 A fix added to allow users to resend quotations.



Supermodel Kate Moss has been on the London Eye 25 times – the record for a UK celebrity.


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